Friday, August 31, 2018


Shhh . . .  . Don’t tell anyone, but summer’s over—it’s time to dust off your manuscripts and work on your goals. To help you out, IFW is offering 20% OFF all editing and proofing services. TWENTY PERCENT! That’s the largest discount we’ve ever offered.

And . . . we are offering an ADDITIONAL five percent discount to the first 3 people to take advantage of this offer. (A TOTAL OF TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT OFF!)

Here’s the small print:

  1. Offer is good on editing services, proofreading services, consulting services, AND gift certificates.
  2. Offer ends on Wednesday, September 5, 2018, and all purchases must be paid by then. Paid services may be scheduled at the purchaser’s convenience.
  3. Offer is NOT good on active editing agreements or current discounted services.
  4. If you’re not ready for your edit, you can purchase a gift certificate now for 20% (or 25%, if you’re fast) off. That means you can get a $1000 gift certificate for $800 (or $750).
  5. You can also purchase gift certificates to give to the writers in your life—and, unless you tell them, they won’t know you received a discount.
  6. IFW reserves the right to refuse any manuscript. Should we refuse a manuscript after payment has been made, we will immediately refund 100% of the payment.
  7. Only the price is discounted. The service you receive is the same high quality, professional, personal service IFW is known for.
  8. Regular rate for proofreading is 1.2 cents per word. With this offer, it’s .96 or .9 cents per word. Regular rate for editing is 3 cents per word. With this offer, it’s 2.4 or 2.25 cents per word. Regular consulting services are $60 an hour. With this offer, they're $45 an hour.
  9. Offer is valid for both current clients and new clients.
  10. Learn more about our services at or learn more about Inspiration for Writers, Inc. at
  11. To accept this offer, email Sandy at State which service you want (proofreading, edit, consulting, or gift certificate), when you want it, and for how much. Sandy will send you a PayPal invoice for the amount you choose. You may schedule your service immediately or you may wait until you’re ready. We’ll be here.
  12. Questions? Email Sandy at Yep, we know it’s a holiday weekend, but Sandy will check email as frequently as possible and get back with you as soon as she can.