Thursday, November 5, 2009

Welcome to Inspiration for Writers, Inc.'s new blog! And we have so much to catch up with that I'm not sure we can do it all in one post. First, if you're new to IFW, please visit our website at We offer writing tips and techniques, essays and stories about the writing life, The Writer's Prayer, an online (and printed!) newsletter, editing and critiquing services, ghostwriting services, and just about anything else a writer could want.

Second, if you just want to know more about us and what we're about, here's the scoop:

Mission Statement:
At Inspiration for Writers, Inc., our mission is to assist writers of all skill levels in achieving their writing and publishing goals. We accomplish this by teaching the craft of writing, by identifying issues that will prevent publication, by encouraging writers to bring their writing to the next level, and by supporting those writers throughout the process.

Our Symbol:
Our SymbolThe symbol for our company is the yellow rose, which symbolizes joy, friendship, and the promise of a new beginning. Some sources cite the meaning of the yellow rose as "I care." At Inspiration for Writers, Inc., we care that our editing makes your work the best it can possibly be. We believe that writing should bring joy. We believe the editing relationship must be friendly and should develop into a partnership and a friendship. We believe that through editing, your work takes on the promise of a new beginning—perhaps even leading to a new career. And we take more than just pride in our work—we care that our editing makes your writing the best it can possibly be. Our success is measured by your success.

The Golden Rule is still golden and we treat our
clients the way we would want to be treated.

Our goal is simple: to make you the best writer you can be. To that end, we start you off with a heavy dose of encouragement. Visit The Writing Life for The Writer's Prayer or to read essays and articles on what it means to be a writer. Then, spend some time studying the many Writing Tips that cover everything from character traits to controlling point of view to grammar advice--and everything in between. If you want even more tips, read one of our Newsletters, follow our Blog, or download our Workbook. Or, invite one of our editors to give a Workshop at a location near you.

When you're ready to get serious about taking your writing to that next level, check out our Editorial Services. We offer one of the most comprehensive services available at a very competitive price—and we provide a free, no-obligation sample edit so you can see our quality for yourself. If you want to know what others have to say about our work, check out our Testimonials—or see how we've helped other writers become published authors on our Success Stories page.

Or, if your goal is simply to be published, we offer Ghostwriting Services that turn your idea into a ready-to-publish manuscript—complete with your name as the author.

If you still have questions, email us. We're always here for you.


  1. Good Morning Sandi! :)

    Here I am, good job, full of information. AAAG! I need to get back into doing my blog. Have some more information, just need to post it, but when I'm into my novel writing....I get lazy on the blogging! :)

    Have a great day in Jesus!
    Paulette Harris

  2. Hi, Paulette--

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it's hard to keep up with blogging and novel writing and all the other things we have to do. But when you enjoy something, you find the time.

    Many blessings--