Monday, January 10, 2011

Writing Contest: The Biggest Lie You Ever Told

by Sandy Tritt

I was chatting with our editor Sherry Wilson over the weekend, and she sent a collection of writing prompts. One of them caught my eye: "What was the biggest lie you ever told?" Hmmm. I've told some whoppers. When our lovely daughters were young--as were instant messaging and some of the early social sites--my husband and I put an icon on the family computer called "parental controls." The only thing the icon did was display a screen asking for a password. Nothing else. And no password was "correct," because there was no password. But we told our lovely daughters it recorded everything they typed and we would know if they wrote things they shouldn't. Another time, I knew my middle daughter had a penchant for finding hidden Christmas gifts. So, I told my oldest daughter (knowing the information would get back to the younger two) that I had put a special seal on the closet door, and if anyone opened it, it would spray them with powder and I'd know they'd been in the closet. I warned her to be careful to stay clear of the closet. This may be the reason my oldest daughter is writing a book called "The Lies My Mother Told Me."

So, what's the biggest lie you ever told? Want to share it with us? Send it in the body of an email to Put "Biggest Lie Contest" in the subject, and send your lie (up to 500 words) BEFORE FEBRUARY 15, 2011. Also in the email text, please give us your name, email address, and snail mail address (yes, we keep these confidential), AND, please let us know if we have permission to print your lie, your first name, and your city/state or nation in a future blog or newsletter column. I will send a "we received your lie" email to all entrants, so if you don't get one, email again or call me at 304-428-1218 during regular business hours (M-F 9-5 Eastern time).

Our editors will judge the entries on content, creativity, writing style, and writing craft. The winner will receive a prize package that includes an Inspiration for Writers duffle bag, a GHOSTWRITERS totebag, Sandi Rog's The Master's Wall, currently 3rd on Amazon for historical fiction), Patsy Pittman's Pocket Change,and other miscellaneous goodies. We may also print some of the more creative lies in an upcoming blog or newsletter (if you've given permission). So, let's hear some whoppers.


(c) 2011 Inspiration for Writers, Inc. Permission to spread the word of this contest is fully granted to anyone wishing to pass it along.

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