Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Writing Conferences

Sandy Tritt

The first time I attended a writers conference, I was scared to death. No, that doesn’t accurately describe the way I felt. Let’s say that if my knees were made of china, they would’ve shattered. I’m not usually shy, but here I was, Nobody from Small Town, Nowhere, going to a real, live WRITERS CONFERENCE. The people there would all know so much more. They would all be published. And, of course, they would all be snobs, putting me in my place in short order. 

Except it didn’t happen quite that way. Instead, I was welcomed and embraced. Yes, there were a lot of published writers there. And an agent. And a couple of publishers. But everyone was kind and friendly and willing to share of their knowledge. They treated me like I was important, too. I attended several workshops where I learned how to be a better writer. I listened to authors talk about how they found an agent and a publisher. I chatted with people who were a lot like me until late into the night, talking about writing and challenges we were facing.

That was 22 years ago. I have not missed the West Virginia Writers Annual Conference since. There were times I commuted back and forth because one of my kids was graduating, in a ballet recital, or in a body cast, but I always got there. In fact, I went from “the stranger” to giving workshops to being conference director to stepping back and just enjoying the process. It’s the place I find my closest friends and my annual inspiration.

So, if you don’t have anything to do next weekend, June 12 – 14, come and see me at the WV Writers Annual Conference. Voted “best conference for the money” by The Writer Magazine, it’s a fabulous weekend of relaxation, workshops, panels, and entertainment. Read more at or email me at and I’ll be happy to answer your questions. And I’ll greet you when you arrive so you’ll start your weekend with at least one friend.

If the beautiful hills of West Virginia are too far for you to visit, be sure to research writer conferences near you. Just go to your favorite search engine and key in “Writer Conference” followed by the state or country you live in. You’ll be glad you did. 

See you next week.

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