Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Free promo eBook of A Consternation of Monsters

We here at Inspiration for Writers would like to alert our readers to a free eBook giveaway being conducted by one of our editors.  
Today through Friday January 15, the ebook of Eric Fritzius' collection of modern fantasy short fiction, A Consternation of Monsters, is being given away FREE on's Kindle.  

A consternation, as we all remember from grade school, is the collective noun for monsters.  It is therefore a fitting title for a collection of short stories which contain monsters of various sorts and shades.

In these tales, a creature of make-believe proves difficult to disbelieve, a trickster-god takes an unkindly interest in witnesses, eldritch horrors can be summoned using a quilt, frustrated wolves face dangerous prey, the angel of death wears a plaid sport coat, wise old women are to be feared and heeded, the corpses of legends can be perilous to have around, Elvis remains the once and future king of rock & roll, and where one of the most powerful and potentially destructive objects in the world is a fork.

You don't have to possess a Kindle device to read this book.  If you have an iPad, tablet or even just your smart phone, your device's app store will have a free Kindle app for download that will let you read this book as well as thousands of others (many of which can be found for free at such sites as  Worse comes to worse, you could read it on your laptop or desktop computer.

You can find your free copy of
A Consternation of Monsters at

But hurry because this deal ends Friday at midnight.

Reviewers have said: 

"Fritzius invites the reader into worlds that don’t exist, or at least we think they don’t: Other planes of existence, multi-verses from where other creatures come to see us, monsters stepping out of the ether to do what they are designed to do — scare us and make us think about our the choices we make, what’s really important for us. Like survival."

    -- Cat Pleska, the WV Book Team at the Charleston Gazette newspaper


“An entertaining and well-crafted collection of short stories offering mild horror, humour, and quirky ideas.”

    -- Unlimited Book Reviews (


"It is my great pleasure to announce that Mr. Fritzius has delivered the goods with ten tales of the strange, weird, and delightfully dark. Like Bradbury before him, the author transports us across a wide variety of setting and tone, unveiling rich characters from all walks of life, with surprises waiting around every corner for them (and the giggling-through-fingers reader). An unqualified success."

    -- Aaron Christensen, horror movie blogger at Horror 101 with Dr. AC     


“The reader is taken on adventures through the ancient, the mystical, and the powerful, delving into ideas of creation and destruction that most of us have not considered. All around us, ancient magic stirs and intersects with human life.”

    -- Elizabeth Love, WriterBee’s Book Reviews (


“A most absorbing read, this collection of monster themed short stories is fun, chilling, surprising, and utterly addictive.”

    -- Jonathan Joy, WV Playwright


“Collectively, Consternation operates to give us a nod and a wink about a much more sinister formulation of the Universe than mere angels and demons, which allows Fritzius the freedom to not lean on gore-n-scream horror tropes, but to play on familiar types and sub-genres in new, inventive, and entertaining ways.”

    -- Joey Madia, New Mystics Reviews


“I loved these not too gory monster stories. Plenty of scare, but not too much blood. Absolutely perfect.”

    -- D. Lewis,


"A fine debut from a gifted storyteller."

    -- S.D. Smith, author of The Green Ember.

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  1. Rock on, Eric! I'm totally intrigued and can't wait to read it :).