Thursday, July 19, 2018

Why Amazon Book Reviews Disappear

by Sandy Tritt

I, like many writers, have had a problem with book reviews disappearing from Amazon. I’ve had people say they’ve left a review, but when I look, it’s not there. In some cases, I’ve actually seen the reviews but they’re gone the next day. Well, I finally found out why.

I read this article by Dave Chesson that explains it: 

And, of course, I was doing things the “wrong” way. To help writers find my book more easily, I scanned for it first and then sent them the link. However, when they clicked on that link, Amazon saw it traced back to me and figured I was trying to scam the system (still not sure how that works, but I guess it's a real thing) and deleted any reviews generated that way. Can you believe it? I have no idea how many reviews I've lost, but at this time, I have only two that have remained there--and they were from people for whom I did not provide a link. 

So, how can you provide a link to make it easier for people to find your book, either to purchase or review? The above article suggests cutting off the control data from the link generated by Amazon. For example, if I give people a link to my workbook after I’ve searched for it, this is the link generated by Amazon:

Instead, if you want to provide a link, cut off everything that comes before the “ref.” For example, this:

HOWEVER, if you really want to not only get good reviews but also move higher in the rankings, suggest purchasers or reviewers SEARCH Amazon using search words. That way, Amazon tracks how many people purchased your book or reviewed your book after SEARCHING for it, and that moves your book higher in the search results.

So, for anyone who has tried to post a review of “The PLAIN ENGLISH Writers Workbook,” or for anyone who would like to purchase this unique workbook, please go to Amazon and search for my book using the search terms "writers workbook," "writing workbook" or "workbook for writers." It appears on about the fourth page. Of course, if I get some “legitimate” reviews/sales from people doing that, maybe it will move up. 

I so much appreciate all of those who've purchased my workbook and who've tried to leave (or have left) reviews. THANK YOU!

Our books live or die according to reviews. Let’s all help each other and be sure to review the books we’ve read.

If you've had a problem or solution to a similar problem, please let us know in the comments and we'll try to help (or pass along the word). We're all in this together, you know. 

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