Thursday, December 28, 2017

C.F. King - Book Sale Spectacular!

Hello, everyone!

Our beloved Charlotte Firbank-King is having an end-of-year sale on her four books via Smashwords. From now until January 1st, two of her books are free and two are discounted.

You can visit her Smashwords page here to get your books and her author Facebook page here.

Free Books:

Breath of the Wild

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"Cape of Storms, 1872.
          A spoilt English girl with no clue about Africa or its many dangers, is never thwarted, until she meets her father’s taciturn wine estate manager.
          Dara, a headstrong English suffragette arrives in the Calvinistic Cape Colony like a whirlwind. She is a gifted photographer and finds trouble the moment she sets foot in Africa. Her outspoken opinions set her at odds with the hardworking, reclusive Oran, who manages her father’s two wine estates in Stellenbosch.
          Dara’s ailing father, in England, asked Oran to take her on a photographic safari. Oran readily agreed to his mentor’s request, until he met her. Not only is Dara irresistibly beautiful, but she’s contentious and a magnet for trouble. Claiming it’s inappropriate to spend months alone with Dara, Oran delays the trip for reasons that don’t suit her. Then events take an unexpected turn for both of them and Dara takes off with only her maid. She heads into the savage interior with no idea of how to survive the vast African wilderness. Oran chases after her from the Cape Colony to the Kimberly diamond fields, then to Zululand—a kingdom in turmoil as their new king, Cetshwayo, is crowned. Even here, Dara manages to find deadly trouble."

The Bohemian

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          "There is no way to control a truly fiery free-spirit, except to crush it or risk burning with desire in the flames.
          In the Victorian backdrop of Impressionism and the awakening of women’s rights, the na├»ve Calla is a free-spirited, wild artist. Orphaned as a child and reared by the aged but liberal Earl of Felton, Calla has never known restraint, social or otherwise—until he dies.
          Fire meets ice. Ryder is a lieutenant Colonel ruled by discipline. From infancy, he has never known anything except restraint. Forced to leave his military career to take on the responsibility of a title, Ryder chooses a worthy lady to marry, but he is unprepared for the added responsibility of a ward, much less the lovely, unruly Calla. Determined to see her subdued and suitably married off, Ryder’s ordered life unravels in his pursuit to control her."

Discount Books:

The Bastard -- $0.99 USD

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"Cape of Storms, Africa, 1853. A harsh society, not a good place or time to be born a bastard.
          One man takes Roark’s identity before birth. Those meant to nurture him, shroud his life in secrets, abuse his body and break his spirit, until pride and his love for Tavia are all that remain. Then they tear away his love. The only recourse of a baseborn child, now a dangerous man, is revenge."

Twilight Path -- $1.24 USD

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          "A man is so driven by revenge and righteous anger that the line between good and evil becomes blurred.
          Set in Hanoverian England, 1745, during the second Jacobite uprising.
          Marquis Blake de Montfort’s life is dark and his past violent. He is haunted by a murdered wife and child and obsessed with avenging their deaths. He ceases to care what separates good from evil as he walks his twilight path. Blake is the most powerful man at court, but his power is not vested in parliament, it’s more insidious. He’s a ruthless master spy, hated by men, desired by women and feared by all.
          Blake is forced to marry Tanisha Ashburn, who unwittingly draws him from his path of destruction, but she has no idea she’s surrendered her life to intrigue, the lusts of men, and finally, betrayal."

In order to get your desired book, go to C.F. King's Smashwords page and click on the title of the book you wish to purchase. You will be taken to the next page where you are asked to select what file type you'd like to download (for example, Kindle uses mobi files) and on the right hand side of the screen, you will be given a coupon code to use during checkout to get the book for the sale price. You must have a Smashwords account in order to download your books, but setting up an account is simple and can be done from the checkout page.

Happy reading and don't forget to leave a review!

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